Increase Conversions with the TurnSocial Leads Bar

Today, we’re happy to introduce the TurnSocial Leads bar, a simple way for you to increase the number of website visitors that you convert into leads.

When we first started TurnSocial, we knew exactly what we wanted to accomplish – delivering a free, simple tool that raised visitor engagement and social interaction on our customers websites. Over the past few years, the TurnSocial bar has been installed on over 7000 websites, and is now seen by over 300,000 people per day. In recent months, we added support for numerous new features – Google+1 buttons, LinkedIn sharing, Satisfacts Resident Survey scores – and made numerous upgrades to our infrastructure, in an effort to deliver content even faster at scale. We do our best to maintain an open line of communication directly to our customers, and are constantly asking for feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions for how we can improve our product.

One common request we kept hearing over and over from customers was, “How can you help increase the number of leads I get on my website?”. People were quick to tell us how happy they were with our current product, but we soon realized that increasing social interaction was really only half of the battle – we needed to build something that helped close the engagement loop. Many of our customers spend thousands of dollars every month driving traffic to their website in an effort to grow their business, yet do little more than offer one or two basic forms to collect visitor contact information on site. There are a number of reasons why this may be, but regardless of what they are, we believe we can help. Which brings us to where we are today.

The TurnSocial Leads bar rests stylishly at the top of every page of your website (see the one on this page?), and offers a customizable space for you to create your own unique call to action message. Visitors can connect with your business by one of two ways – either through traditional email sign-up, or via Facebook Connect. Each lead collected through the TurnSocial Leads Bar is delivered directly to your email inbox and includes a personalized lead profile. Using the Facebook Open Graph, this lead profile provides some basic information about the person behind the email address – including their name, interests, influencer score, and more – along with what page they were viewing when they connected and which site referred them. Our goal is to not only increase the total amount of leads collected through your website, but also to provide you with instant customer insights to be used when crafting your follow up message. We think it’s a great start, but have even bigger plans for the future. It’s an exciting time.

We’re offering a free 30 day trial for anyone who signs up to use the TurnSocial Leads bar,  which will transition into our standard plan of $20/month, per bar, at the end of 30 days. Our flagship product – the Social bar – will always remain free, as promised.

We look forward to hearing all of your feedback, and can’t wait to share with you where we’re headed next. If you’re on Twitter, make sure you connect with us and let us know what you think. Thanks for stopping by!

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